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Retarget Online Ads
Fra AdTechium LLC
Fra $ 20 / måned

Retarget Online Ads

Fra AdTechium LLC
Advertising and retargeting on Google+Facebook
Fra $ 20 / måned
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  • Retarget Online Ads-oversikt

        No hassle smart online advertising solution
        Retargeting - we'll bring back your precious visitors
        Facebook + Google + Internet advertising
        All fees included - no extra costs for ads or clicks
    Retarget is an online advertising platform that combines technology with human experts to provide you with great advertising experience. * On average, 96% of the converted visitors of a website (those who actually bought your product or service) will not make a purchase on their first visit. We'll make sure they come back to your site again and again. * Create your ad in a 1-minute guide-through wizard, our experts will then review it. * Our tool will run your campaign on multiple platforms - Across the net, within Facebook, Google's marketing channels, and more. * We will expose your ad to ne...
    w and relevant visitors as well as to returning users, so you would have a fair chance of actually selling your product or service.
    Tilgjengelighet:Denne appen er tilgjengelig over hele verden.
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    / måned
    Track visitors to your site
    Retarget visitors across the Internet
    Review number of returned visitors
    Use as a basis for larger audiences


    / måned
    All the benefits of the Starter Plan
    Acquire new visitors
    Advertise on additional platforms
    Additional budget


    / måned
    All the benefits of the Pro Plan
    Bigger budget
    Additional advertising channels
    Premium support


    / måned
    All the benefits of the advanced Plan
    Twice the budget
    Google Analytics conversion funnel
    * Pris er i USD

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