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Live Chat Chatway
fra Poptin LTD
Gratisabonnement tilgjengelig

Live Chat Chatway

fra Poptin LTD
Live chat app & helpdesk support for customers
Gratisabonnement tilgjengelig

Live Chat Chatway-oversikt

    Use canned responses saved replies to answer commonly asked questions. Live chat with your customers and provide live chat support. Address customer concerns in real-time with friendly support chat
    Live chat conversations can be assigned to support agents. Escalate to more experienced helpdesk reps when necessary through live chat
    Mobile apps for iOS and Android are available allowing you to live chat with your websites visitors anytime and anywhere
    Live chat helpdesk conversation history is fully available. Get the full picture before responding to your live chat conversations. Easy content and file sharing within website chat for improved live chat customer support
Live chat with your customers, address their concerns, provide swift live chat customer support, drive more leads & sales using live chat. Impress new visitors with proactive customer support by offering personalized recommendations, coupons & discounts that enrich their experience. Collaborate with your team to provide exceptional customer service over an intuitive live chat app. Additionally, Chatway facilitates the gathering of feedback in real-time. As visitors interact with your website, they might have suggestions, opinions or even encounter issues. Through the live chat widget, they can voice thoughts immediately, allowing you to make instant improvements. Customize the support chat widget, change the logo, color, chat button size, etc. Our live chat app lets you integrate with Facebook Messenger, resolve tickets, configure availability, etc. Chatway's live chat box feature has become an indispensable tool for website owners. It enables real-time website chat assistance, personalized, efficient collaboration, visitor insights & trust-building, all contributing to enhanced customer satisfaction & business success engagement. Chatway also offers Android & iOS mobile apps.
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1 Agent Unlimited Conversations Facebook Messenger integration Widget customization 30 Days chat history


$9 per agent/month Unlimited chat history Email integration Private notes Custom data, tags and segments Multilingual widget
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