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Ovni Influencers
fra Empreender
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Ovni Influencers

fra Empreender
We connect influencers with retailers
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Ovni Influencers-oversikt

    Find the right influencer for your products
    Thousands of registered influencers
    Direct contact with influencers
    Support seven days a week
Ovni is the perfect app to grow your business. The app connects influencers of the right size for each brand. The influencer advertises his products to his audience and, in return, receives a payment that can be made in cash or in store products. How it works? The store adds a product that it wants to promote. Ovni shows the proposal to the influencers that best fit the product proposal. Whoever accepts the brand terms is connected to the deal to close the partnership and receive the reward. - Content creators attract trust to your business Work with a dedicated campaign specialist to fully automate your influencer campaigns. - Affiliate program Connect to your store and let influencers increase your sales every day. - Marketplace Creators become your customers and advocates. Sign up and let creators buy and promote your brand to the world. How does support work? Ovni has the quality support of Empreender, which is also responsible for Dropi, Sak, 365 Artes and many other famous applications in the world of Brazilian ecommerce. Support via WhatsApp is ready to help you with whatever you need.
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Create campaigns for 10 products
Everyday support
Thousands of influencers
Create exclusive affiliate links
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