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I Don't Just "Design” Anything. The 10 Steps I Take That Make Websites And Every Other Job Run Real Smooth For Over 20 Years: 1. I Present Past Work 2. Provide A Step By Step Estimate 3. Research Your Company 4. Write All The Headlines 5. Write All The Paragraph Text 6. Choose The Right Images 7. Retouch The Images 8. Present Tight Layouts 9. Discuss And Render Changes 10. Finalize Layouts For Production It doesn’t matter what industry you are in. This is the way any advertising job should be handled. I know because I’ve been writing and designing websites and more for over 20 years. And because this process works so well, I can work faster and charge less than most. Call to schedule a free screen sharing presentation and consultation. Get big NYC Ad Agency style copy wrtiting and creative direction without the big price tag and look professional, not home made....

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